Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Here is an adorable little bat, just in time for you Halloween layouts...I hope you like him...be sure to delete the text and the bat below the text when you cut him out...on the left is where you would place your white piece of paper and on the right side, place your black piece of paper. If you want to make multiple cuts, add a page and select the item to cut and copy/paste it into your new page, don't forget to save your work...may I suggest to do a "save as" so you don't lose your original file and original size.

File Batty $1.00

If you own a Cricut, here is an excellent software that allows you to cut any True Type font with your machine, as well as many cliparts can now be traced within the program turning them into an svg format, this feature alone makes getting SCAL2 worth it as you will never need to purchase any carts.

There are thousands of files out there for you to download for free or for a small fee that you can cut with your Cricut. I must say I use this software for almost every layout I have done when using my Cricut. I actually use it more than cartridges....don't tell Provo :)

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