Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rectangular Tag

Click on the link below to get a trial version of the Surecutsalot 2 program…it is a great program allowing you to use TTF fonts and cut them with your Cricut as well as svg files, and convert jpegs, and bmps…even if you are so talented, you can convert pngs, wpc etc.

Surecutsalot 2/SCAL  Here is the link to our class scrapbooking layouts. I must say I have a very talented group of ladies, and they always make their pages their way…I very seldom have anyone make my layout, but it’s ok, cause we have a lot of fun…couldn’t ask for a nicer group of ladies.

Recently, I started an online scrapbooking class, where we do these layouts, we use Design Studio, SCAL or Make the Cut, the new software that is out there, definitely in the running with SCAL. So far, I have to say that SCAL is my favorite software, some say there is a learning curve to it, but I find it very easy to use and love how my cuts turn out. So you will have to be the judge. In the next few days I will post a link so you can get your trial version of the Make the Cut software so you can see for yourself which one you like best.

On to the file of the day…..Here is a nice rectangular tag…it may seem simple, but this again can be used to put someone's name in it, or weld two together and make a card, or stretch it for a bookmarker…so many ways to use this one cut…makes a great journaling mat. Oh and if you are really good at your cuts, you could very easily use this to cut out your picture in this shape and lay it on top of the mat.

So as usual, Enjoy!

055 Rectangular tag

055 Rectangular tag, $.75

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